Considering the recently developing market conditions, we see that modern agricultural systems are among the most profitable business and investment ideas. Turkey is among the most important agricultural countries in the world. If you want to do greenhouse business but do not know the suitability of your project cost, our article titled "greenhouse construction cost" will be the answer to the question you are looking for.

Investments in the "greenhouse" sector, which showed significant improvements in terms of yield, gained momentum. You want to do greenhouse business, but you may not know clearly the greenhouse installation and operating costs. Let's explain the cost of 1 decare of soil or soilless agriculture greenhouse construction according to the averages

Greenhouse activities can be done in almost every region in Turkey. Of course, first of all, you need to determine the capital budget.

First of all, you need to decide on how many hectares of land you will establish a greenhouse. As the installation area grows, your costs will increase.

Will you buy or lease the space? If you are going to lease, you will need to evaluate the cost of the investment to be amortized in how many years, with professional support, in the presence of feasibility reports.


The main factor for a healthy production is the selection of greenhouse iron. It takes on the role of carrier and nylon holder in greenhouse cultivation. For this reason, the greenhouse planned to be established differs in half compared to a windy or rainy region in regions that do not receive much precipitation and do not have weather opposition. For a 20 m² greenhouse, thin and low-quality greenhouse iron will be sufficient for construction, while for a 200 m² greenhouse, insufficient and the risk of collapse of the greenhouse, tearing of the nylon and loss of the product inside. Steel prices are constantly changing due to the volatility of the dollar rate. You can contact our company for the current prices of the steel elements used in greenhouse construction.


These are separated as UV+IR+EVA+AO+AV+DIFFUSION Doped.

With DIFFUSION Additive: It ensures that the sunlight entering the installed greenhouse is distributed equally to the environment and prevents the plants from showing developmental differences.

EVA: It helps to increase wind resistance.

UV: Indicates the quality level of the plastic in the greenhouse nylon. With the increase of UV, the quality and service life increase.

AO: It prevents the problems of rotting, burning and blackening in the areas where the greenhouse nylon comes into contact with the iron. For this reason, AO additive is important in greenhouse nylon.

AV: Provides an effect in pest control. Thanks to this additive, it is observed that the pests entering the greenhouse are reduced.

IR: Compensates for the day-night temperature difference. It prevents the plants from being stressed and saves them as heat.


Differences arise in the case of irrigation with a borehole or drinking water. Although there are extra investment costs such as filters and nitrogen tanks in irrigation with boreholes, there is no maintenance cost problem.


The determining factor in greenhouse nylon prices is quality, thickness (micron), additives and width vary considerably in square meters and kilograms. If we take an average basis, the kilogram price is between 40 - 60 Turkish Liras