What is Greenhouse?

What is Greenhouse?

It is also known as greenhouse cultivation in agricultural language. Greenhouse cultivation is the activity of consciously growing any agricultural product (vegetables, fruit, flowers or plants used in medicine) by covering it so that it is not affected by seasonal changes (snow, frost, hail, rain, storm).

Greenhouse, while protecting the grown product, aims to increase the arable area to the maximum level thanks to planned planting. Greenhouse production, which is seen as hormonal food production among people, is the opposite of this perception. Considering uncontrolled agriculture, which grows in the open, causes air pollution or many diseases that can be transmitted from the environment to food, from food to human, it is the most healthy and sustainable form of agriculture.

Greenhouse farming, which is an agricultural practice that can be done in every region in our country, has become a lucrative sector that makes its investors smile by being divided into types with the advancement of technology. Greenhouse, which is an investment in which preference is increasing day by day because it is seen as a source of income, unfortunately, in parallel with this increase, has brought misdirections as a result of false information.

If you are researching greenhouse activities, asking yourself the question of what is greenhouse cultivation, and you are planning to invest in greenhouses, at this point, one of the most important issues is to research the CV of the founding company.

Greenhouse installation is not a job that any construction or steel company can do without having the necessary knowledge. Building a greenhouse and setting up a greenhouse according to the product you will grow are two different issues. You should establish a greenhouse that will meet the growing requirements of the product you plan to grow. This will increase production, reduce the stress of the plant and provide a sustainable agriculture.

Our company has installed greenhouses of many official institutions and has the first R&D purpose soilless agricultural greenhouse of the Central Anatolia Region. At the same time, our company, which includes civil and agricultural engineers, has adopted the principle of maximum efficiency by approaching every project with an engineer-oriented approach, regardless of size. Whether your greenhouse construction is under our responsibility or not, you can visit our company for everything you want to learn about greenhouse cultivation and exchange information with our expert staff.

Recently, due to the changing climatic conditions, it has been a matter of debate in which regions greenhouse cultivation is more efficient. In the greenhouses in Antalya - Mersin regions, where production is intense at the moment, production cannot be made in July and August due to the heat. Approximately 2.5 months of the year are treated as lost time. As a result of our R&D studies, it has been understood that the Central Anatolia Region is a more suitable region because it only has heating costs and heating costs are lower than cooling costs.

I hope "What is greenhouse cultivation and in which regions greenhouse cultivation is done?" We were able to answer the question.