Hydroponic Agricultural Greenhouse – Eskişehir

    Hydroponic Agriculture Greenhouse
Hydroponic Agricultural Greenhouse – Eskişehir

Soilless Agriculture

Soilless farming practices are used in strawberry production in high-tech greenhouses. Among the most important advantages of soilless agriculture, besides obtaining high yields, there is also environmentally friendly production. However, soilless farming practices require expert knowledge. In soilless farming practices in greenhouses, production is carried out in production bags (slabs) placed on gutters that do not come into contact with the soil. In this method, all plant nutrients required by the plant are given to the plant in the form of prepared solutions along with the irrigation water.

Reasons for Using Soilless Agriculture

Another advantage of soilless agriculture is that production can be carried out in radical areas that are not suitable for agriculture. It is possible to obtain higher yields per unit area in soilless agricultural applications made in stony lands or areas with high ground water. However, in these applications, it is necessary to use high technology in order to provide plant comfort.

In the high-tech greenhouses to be established, regular heating should be done together with heat preservation. Irrigation that is not done carefully in greenhouses where direct production is made in the soil will increase the risk of decay in the effective root zone and the emergence of soil fatigue and nematode diseases due to the continuity of production. For the stated reasons, realization of high technology agricultural production will ensure the return of investments to be made in this field in a short time.