Boom Irrigation System

Boom Irrigation System

Boom irrigation system is an irrigation method in which irrigation is provided by moving the irrigation stands with the help of a rope on the rails fixed to the greenhouse steel construction with welding or clamping.

This irrigation method is generally preferred in seedling greenhouses. The fact that the nozzles attached to the irrigation stands make powder-like irrigation on the viols, ensuring that the seedling, which is in the maturation stage, does not leave the root with the irrigation intensity.

You can also give fertilizer or nutrient needs to the seedlings from the boom irrigation system.

The boom irrigation system, which is controlled via an external electrical panel, has manual, automatic and semi-automatic selections. The boom irrigation system, which can irrigate and fertilize within the desired hours, also allows irrigation or fertilization in the desired amount only in the desired area.

For a system that is required to work properly;

  • The steel construction is installed on the scales and squares,
  • Appropriate gearmotor selection,
  • Selection of anti-rust structural elements such as galvanization or anti-corrosion due to exposure to moisture and water,
  • Proper hose and nozzle selection is vital for your seedling greenhouse and boom irrigation system.
  • Alternatively, motor speed increasing or decreasing inverter or automation software will increase the comfort in your seedling greenhouse.

Boom irrigation systems, which are produced and installed with the assurance of Resif Greenhouse, are tested for 1 week in your facility and delivered after the necessary trainings are given to our technical personnel during this period. Your boom irrigation system is made ready for use upon delivery of your use and maintenance booklet, which contains the necessary information for long-term use of your boom irrigation system. After 6 months from the delivery date, our company provides free service, in this service, the efficiency of the system is checked and any malfunctions are corrected free of charge. Your boom irrigation system is under the warranty of our company for 1 year; Free repair or replacement service for problems related to manufacturing, assembly and production faults is within the scope of this warranty.

The features of our boom irrigation systems may differ for each facility, but in general;

Boom Irrigation System Components

  • 26 speed geared motor,
  • 4 to 8 mm. steel rope,
  • hose pulley,
  • motor pulley,
  • Balance and walking wheels,
  • Irrigation and hose stand,
  • nozzle stand,
  • Plumbing materials such as hose, pprc pipe, relief valve, nozzle,
  • Products such as electrical switch and control panel are the basic products that will form your boom irrigation system.