As Resif Sera Technologies inc., we have been producing and installing at world standards in the greenhouse sector since 2017. As one of the leading companies in this sector; We do serve with the best project design, installation, production, import and export operations in the modern greenhouse systems sector. By the technology and experience we have, we successfully produce greenhouse systems and equipment and establish professional greenhouses for you. With our professional staff specialized in the development of turn-key greenhouse projects, we support our customers in everything they need to get started quickly, efficiently and cost-reasonably. We are also a solution partner to our customers' requests and problems by taking care of every aspect of the development and implementation of a successful greenhouse project. 

In light of the global economic crisis, Our company adopts the idea that a solid and reliable economy can only be achieved through production and believes that the best choice of investment now is the investment in the agriculture sector, especially through the global food crisis. Thus, in order to raise production, we aim to modernize agriculture by growing good quality and healthy croops by keeping the expenses at minimum, maximizing the income, monitoring and controlling the products and by developing projects of automation. We aslo aim to provide its investors by engineering solutions at intennational standards in order to reduce wastage and prevent diseases.

Resif Sera